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5 Types Of Mobile Applications On Food And Health

As per the latest study, there are 22 million active apps users in the USA. The ‘app’ business is taking hold and provides ample space for innovation and creativity. Every day 4 million apps are downloaded in the country; on average per device, there are 24 apps on smartphones and 31 apps on tablets. It is high time to have the Fitness tracking app builder and be a part of this trending technology.

Top Five Mobile Apps On Food and Health

The business of applications (Mobile Apps) has begun to reach the world of food. However, experts predict further growth in the coming years. Therefore, we have selected the five types of applications that we have identified in the field of food and health.

Do you Want to Know Them?

Apps on Infant Feeding

Apps for Population Groups with Specific Needs

For celiacs: Applications to identify foods suitable for celiacs such as Gluten Free List. Entering the name of the food in this application offers a list with different product options. Then, by clicking on each one, it indicates if it has approval from the Federation of Celiac Associations of USA or if it is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

For people with diabetes: Applications to keep track of the carbohydrates consumed by diabetic children in a fun and easy way, suchas ‘Counting food with Lenny.It is a mobile application where children can learn the carbohydrate values ​​of many staple foods, customize the food guide based on what they like to eat or learn more about carbohydrates with interactive games.

Apps to Avoid Food Waste

Applications to control that nothing at home expires, such as Expire. We write down all the foods that we buy that are likely to perish and add the data of the expiration date or preferential consumption of each one. It alerts us on the mobile before they spoil.

Apps to Improve the Shopping Experience

Create the shopping list. Check products on offer, access information on discount coupons, check the location of the nearest shopping establishment, control spending by measuring monthly consumption, connect to the latest company news are some of the options that distribution companies offer through their mobile applications.

In this sense, AINIA is a platform that improves the experience of buying food on commercial surfaces based on semantics and reasoning, which will allow:

Apps on Innovation Projects Related to Health

App on biotechnology projects (InvestBio): The InvestBio application is a digital calendar with 365 innovative biotechnology projects linked every day to commemoration or anniversary.

This application allows disseminating the meaning and contributions of biotechnology to investors interested in the life sciences field and those who are unaware of this type of technology.

The Premium version, designed to make the app known to the financial community (investors, financial advisors, business angels, venture capital, crowdfunding, family offices), requires registration and allows the user to receive personalized information about the projects of their interest.

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