How Much Does Progressive Web App Cost?

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Nowadays, the eCommerce industry is proliferating faster than ever in the world’s business race. Fortunately, thanks to the development of technology, PWA has emerged to meet the demand of merchants and business owners. Because of its rising popularity, people start to wonder about the Progressive Web App cost, which will be revealed in this article down below.

What is PWA?

Progressive Website App or PWA combines all the best features of a website and a native app. Put another way, it is a website that provides an app-like experience for users.

PWA is known for its distinctive features like strong compatibility with different devices/ operating systems/ browsers, responsive design (or discrete design for mobile), connectivity independence, push notification, etc.

Progressive Web App Cost Analysis

With such promising characteristics, how much would merchants and business owners have to pay to integrate PWA into their websites?

Here is the answer: Progressive web app cost depends on which solutions they prefer. When it comes to PWA solutions, there are usually two most popular options for businesses. The first one is using PWA templates, while the other is using custom PWA development services.

The price for each option is different due to their complexity level and time requested to implement. On the whole, the price range starts from zero to approximately $50,000.

1. Cost For Applying PWA Themes

There are a number of PWA theme providers who offer their available templates free of charge. Businesses can download these themes for free but this option will not include the installation.

Meanwhile, PWA themes costing from $1,000 to around $5,000 often come along with free installation.

Advantages of using ready-made themes

Using PWA templates provides merchants and businesses with numerous benefits, which includes but not limited to:

  • Low cost compared to the other option: The Progressive Web App cost of this choice is less than $5,000 so that small and medium businesses can totally afford a PWA theme.
  • Speedy installation process: This plus point will definitely help businesses save a great deal of time.
  • Multiple storefront designs to choose from: Merchants are provided with a wider selection of choices and pick their favorite one.
  • Customization can be done: According to business owners’ desires, PWA templates can be customized specifically.

Disadvantages of this solution

Despite several remarkable strengths, this option have two major drawbacks that may cause inconvenience for businesses:

  • Lack of diversity: There are only PWA themes available for some popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Mandatory website adjustment: Website designs will have to be transferred to the PWA storefront design provided by the theme. Thus, business owners can’t keep their original website interface.

2. Custom PWA Development Cost

By choosing this option, businesses can upgrade their websites to a PWA that totally meets their requests.

Custom PWA development services can charge from $10,000 to $50,000. The price range is based on the types of customization that business owners demand. The more sophisticated the custom version is, the higher the price.

Advantages of bespoke PWA development

The custom PWA development services differentiate themselves thanks to:

  • All requirements are fulfilled: When merchants pay to have their own PWA’s storefront design and functions, developers can provide them with a wide variety of options and recommendations until their demands are met.
  • Web design is maintained: Merchants can keep their original website design after adopting PWA if they prefer the original version more.

Disadvantages of this solution

Using custom PWA development services also cause some downsides:

  • Too expensive: Compared to using ready-to-use PWA themes, the price needed to develop a tailor-made Progressive Web App is almost tenfold. Only large corporations and entrepreneurs are able to afford that much of the budget for PWA development.
  • Long time to develop: Due to business owners’ specific demands, PWA development companies may need several months to design and develop the custom apps.

Which PWA Solution Is More Favorable?

The two above-listed solutions have their own merits and drawbacks with different prices.

Depending on the existing website platform, budget and requirements, business owners can decide which will be the most suitable PWA development solution for them.

The first option is much cheaper but still provides enough beneficial features for simple usages. Therefore, small and medium businesses with low budgets should consider choosing it, so that they may avoid financial constraints in the future.

The other choice, accordingly, seems to suit large businesses more due to its extravagant price and personalized features. These entrepreneurs need professional and unique design and features for their web apps, thus investing in custom PWA development services will be able to satisfy their needs.

Final Thoughts

Progressive Web App cost differs according to the selected PWA themes or development services. Each solution has its own benefits and downsides with varied price options.

On the whole, it is advisable for business owners to assess PWA solutions on a whole scale before making a decision.

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