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Are you still using a complex and outdated legacy system to organize your business files? If so, your team isn’t getting the most out of the SharePoint data sharing and collaboration platform and isn’t reaching its full productivity potential.

What Possibilities Does Sharepoint Offer?

For the uninitiated, SharePoint is a collaborative platform. Indeed, it includes a myriad of tools and features that make it a more advanced and multi-faceted solution. It can function as a shared file repository, a blog site, a web content management system, and even an intranet. When you open a new team site on SharePoint, some of the features you may include are:

  • File version management
  • Check-in/check-out of documents
  • Indexing and search
  • A dedicated web interface
  • Seamless integration with other Windows applications

Centralize Your Internal Communications With Sharepoint

Learn two easy ways your business can improve internal communications using the apps included with Sharepoint. These tools can improve internal communication, promote collaboration, and open up social channels within your company. When customers use Sharepoint in their business, their main requirement focuses on email and productivity applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. The majority of customers overlook the other valuable applications included in Sharepoint. Each app has its particular purpose, with inevitable overlaps, but all offer real value when used effectively.

Why use SharePoint?

The answer to this question is one sentence is:

“It can become your business centralization tool.”

Let’s discuss it further.

Better Access To Information

SharePoint for Small Business? - ITAF IT Partner

Many types of business users work behind the scenes to optimize your company’s content strategy. Your team must approve, edit, and provide timely feedback for this to succeed.

SharePoint answers many questions that come to your mind regarding the complications of an online work tool. Within seconds, users can generate content and submit it for approval. You’ll never have to worry about whether your publication or article has gone through the proper review phases if you schedule it to be broadcast live on your intranet or websites at a specific time.

Improved Collaborative Work

Even if you only employ a handful of people, it’s essential that these team members all know how to communicate and collaborate. If they don’t have access to the resources that facilitate this goal, it would be all too easy for discord and disarray to emerge. Especially the document management is made fully controllable. Office SharePoint offers version controls that track every change made to a document, as well as when it happened and who made it. Additionally, only one person can access the file at a time to avoid duplicate work.

Centralize Your Documents With Sharepoint

If you run a business with multiple locations, it can be difficult to ensure that every employee has instant access to the business intelligence and critical documents they need. With the SharePoint Mobility Tool, employees authorized through Office 365 administration can open, review, edit and share documents from anywhere in the world. This means your office staff and remote onsite staff all enjoy the same convenience. All they need is a web browser!

Improved File Accessibility

When all your documents are consolidated on one SharePoint platform, finding what you need is as easy as a few clicks. You can customize the organization of each SharePoint site to include only the folders and subfolders according to your need. This way you can go straight to the source when time is of the essence and you need to make a quick trading decision. While this is a useful feature for business owners, it is equally beneficial for your employees.

Data Centralization

Perhaps the most useful thing SharePoint does is keep a ton of files in one central location. As long as your organizational structure is solid, it shouldn’t take anyone too long to find what they’re looking for. SharePoint likes the disciplined management of the documents. Using it makes you well organized in your data sharing and management.

If you take advice and assistance from some professionals like Al Rafay Consulting, SharePoint gives you all the benefits that it has to offer. ARC has an experienced team of professionals who know SharePoint real estate solutions from the inside out hence making it the best tool for your business website and intranet of your company or organization.

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