The Ultimate Office Supply Checklist

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Your office space can either be a thorn in the flesh of your coworkers or give them an extra smile when it’s time for work. As a business owner, you decide. But there’s a big chance that the greater part of your decision will revolve around office supplies. So, here’s the ultimate office supply checklist for you to transform your office experience.

Morning Essentials

Taking charge of your morning can be a perfect way to perk up your office day. It can all start with a hot beverage while you review your mail or establish the day’s schedule with your coworkers. Everything you see, touch, and hear can make or unmake your morning and, by extension, the blueprint for a productive day. And isn’t life too short for boring coffee mugs?

Unique coffee mugs come in several forms. It can have your favorite photo, quote, or even classic movie art. You can shoot for your own design tailored to your brand toolkit. There are several reasons to field a morning coffee routine, from the antioxidants to the other long-term health benefits. Therefore, it’s essential to pay critical attention to items like coffee mugs and other breakfast essentials your preferences can afford. If your office has a kitchen, you can keep a mini-microwave in there to give you more options for your cold drink.


Envelopes have been an essential part of the office culture over the years. How you envelop a letter to your clients can even contribute to the choice to continue doing business with you. Envelopes can also be an excellent avenue for your branding needs. You can create custom tax return envelopes that help when you’re filing your tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Companies like Mines Press can help design any report or return receipt that leaves your company. Sending an annual report to less digital-savvy board members in branded presentation envelopes also speaks volumes about your company.

Writing Materials

Creative solutions at the office often require the frequent expression of individual thoughts and ideas. From paper to a colorful pen marker, writing materials can be essential supplies for your office. But as you go big on getting the writing supplies for your office, it’s essential to think of their storage or arrangement. The last thing you want is for your office to be cluttered with paper and pens lying everywhere. Get file folders, paper racks, and containers to arrange all your supplies neatly.

Complimentary Cards

Writing your email address every time a prospective client comes to your desk may not be the best experience. Complimentary cards can be a more practical option, and you can check out several templates available online to create your own. Some options may require payment before customizing a template with the full color of your brand scheme. Other apps are free with limited accessibility to in-app media files.

Office Furniture

The type of furniture choices you make and the arrangement of your desks can determine the sitting posture of your coworkers. If you’re shopping for supplies for your new office, you can check with an interior designer to get some furniture recommendations. In the furniture world, curves, texture, weight, and building material are all essential factors to consider.

The colors you choose for your furniture can complement your office design or make it incompatible. And some of these factors can go a long way to determine your company’s position in the global marketplace. Because the more your coworkers find comfort with the furniture and office arrangements, the higher the chances of productive results, which are essential for business growth.



Today, many businesses are adopting green workspaces. The benefits of plants for your office are endless. Plants like lavender can freshen the indoor air in your workspace. Some office plants can also enhance creativity and reduce the stress levels of your employees. Today, many employees are moving away from work environments that are all about work. Adding plants to your office checklist can be a great way to ensure a healthy work-rest balance at your workplace.

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