Top 10 Tech Gadgets That Can Help Improve Your Driving Experience

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Like our homes, a car is also a precious asset valued depending on how you manage it. Many buyers these days make decisions based on the technologies fitted in the vehicle. Its resale value can go high if you manage to keep it in top-notch condition.

People are likely to switch to another brand if they find them more accessible. Especially during the holiday season, you need a car equipped with the most advanced tech so that you can enjoy a comfortable trip.

For some people driving is an activity, or they use it to commute to work and school. But some people are connected to driving vehicles as their job. Whether you have a fake id front and back or a driver’s license, you need advanced car gadgets to drive safely and efficiently.

Let’s look at some amazing technologies that can help you drive better and safer.

Heated Seats

One amazing feature that can help you a big deal during winter is the heated seat tech. An internal thermostat is fitted that maintain the seat’s heat and regulate the temperature of the seat.

The switch gets turned off when the seat reaches a certain temperature. It also stimulates the relay switch when the temperature gets low. You can comfortably drive on a heated seat that can help improve your lower back as well.

Install ACC System

One of the modern techs is ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) which helps a great deal to drive safer, especially on high-speed roads. This system uses a camera system to track the vehicles ahead. Then it adjusts the speed of the car accordingly.

ACC slows down or speeds up according to the speed of the cars driving in front. It may even signal you to stop the car and then start again with the “Resume” button.

Automatic Lift Gates

Power lift gates and trunks have been in trend for being quite easy to use and its automatic function. You can find them on many SUVs, minivans, sedans, etc. An automatic liftgate is a motorized hatch that opens and closes electronically.

You can easily open it hands-free while holding your grocery bags. It senses your foot when you bring it near the rear bumper. But now, the foot activating system has been replaced with a much better option. Just walk to your car with the key fob in range, and it will automatically open for you.

Push Start Button

You don’t have to rely on your car keys to start the engine. Many cars with a start button that allows you to ditch the standard key to operate and unlock the vehicle.

You can unlock the car with an automatic key fob when you touch the handle. It is a great option when your hands are filled with groceries or holding a baby. Another great feature of the key fobs is the start button. You can just push the button and drive away.

Connect your Smartphone with the Car

Now the relation of cars with smartphones is not limited to Bluetooth connection, charging, calling, and music. But now, the amazing feature of smartphone integration has elevated the vehicles to an upgraded level.

You can now run unlimited functions of your device in the car. Apple CarPlay is one example that allows you to access mobile functions from your car seat, including podcasts, messages, various applications, and much more.

Automatic Brakes

No matter how experienced a driver you are, there are still many safety measures required to ensure the safety of yourself, pedestrians, and other drivers.

The automatic brakes system uses a similar feature found in the ACC System but with more advanced functions. It helps stop the car when it senses any danger upfront. It responds quicker and more efficiently when walking nearby or when a vehicle is ahead. With automatic brakes, you can also adjust the distance you prefer between your car and the one ahead of yours. With an attached camera, the car can detect any possible collisions and stop the car.

Monitor your Driving

You can track your driving behavior by using telematics installed in your car. It allows you to monitor your driving with a built-in accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope to determine whether you are driving safely or not.

Moreover, you can save a lot on your car insurance premium if you maintain safe driving behavior. Telematics can monitor your driving using an app with your smartphone. It includes more information like how many miles are driven, driving time, acceleration, etc. If you drive safely, you can get a better deal with your insurance company.

Car Seat Technology for Monitoring Health

With improved car gadgets, it plays an important part in monitoring the drivers’ health. Car seats now come in functions that allow you to check the heart rates of car occupants, with sensors that are fitted in the seat belts and upholstery.

When the sensor detects a rising pulse, it alerts the driver of the danger. It may also activate emergency services through connectivity technology.

Navigation Systems

GPS systems have been around for some time, but they have become more advanced and improved than before. By using GPS, you can access real-time traffic conditions besides routes of different places. As a result, the GPS directs you to a different path to save you time and avoid traffic congestion and stress.

The installed GPS having more information will guide you to your destination quicker. It may also alert you about an accident that is delaying the traffic flow.

Traffic Light Prediction

It would be great to know when the traffic light will change its color, especially for new drivers. For this purpose, you can install an application on your device. Such apps use data from your GPS and traffic management centers to predict the duration of traffic lights. It could make your daily commute easier and could save you money.

If the traffic light changes predict a longer time, you can turn off your car engine and save on fuel or drink the coffee you brought along.

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