Why Should Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns Be Built Around Email Marketing?

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Personalization and targeted ads are the only way to stay ahead in the marketing game. Email marketing is a good channel to run these strategies and drive your revenue. Klaviyo email templates come with dynamic elements that can be used to easily personalize the campaigns. But, email marketing is even better when it is at the center of cross-channel marketing and sharing information with other platforms.

What Is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Cross channel marketing is a technique used by brands and marketers around the globe to offer an integrated experience to their customers across multiple platforms like email, SMS, website, mobile app, and social media platforms. All the channels acquire data and user analytics from their customers and use them to funnel them into different segments. The channels are interconnected and constantly communicate to provide an unmatched personalization experience.

Why Is Email The Center Of Cross-Channel Marketing?

While the SMS, website, and social media platforms are promotional in nature, email is not. Email marketing is a balance between sending promotional emails and emails that add value through curated content. Email marketing also has the special ability to send highly targeted emails at the right time. Through survey email campaigns, the email marketers can also collect data directly from the  customers to improve their cross-channel marketing campaigns. This specialty of emails to open a direct conversation with the subscribers places it at the center of any successful cross-channel marketing campaign.

By adding automation to your pre-existing email campaigns, you can send emails to subscribers and customers based on behavioral triggers. Reengagement emails, loyalty rewards, and one-time offers are a few examples of email campaigns that can be automated. The insights of customer interaction with these emails can be utilized to further improve your marketing on other channels.

How Can Email Improve Cross-Channel Marketing?

● Collecting Insights About The Subscriber

As mentioned earlier, you can get valuable insights from your customers based on how they are interacting with your emails. Using data and analytics tools, you can uncover the reasons behind the effectiveness of your email campaigns. You can use the dashboard provided by your Email Service Provider (ESP) to track your campaign’s activity. Experienced email marketers will often use Google Analytics or similar tools to understand the nuances of deeper engagement-level metrics along with campaign activity.

● Bringing Traffic To Other Channels

You can use email marketing to redirect your subscribers’ traffic to other social media platforms. Most brands will plug in their social media handles at the footer of every email they send. If the subscriber likes interacting with the brand, they will surely follow them on social media. Another method to bring traffic to other channels is to run specific email campaigns to ask your readers to follow you.

Lush is incentivizing their customers to post photos on Instagram using its hashtag. This not only redirects traffic from the email clients to their Instagram page but also increases the engagement rate of the hashtag on the platform. They have provided links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest at the end of the email.

● Deliver personalized communication

The email marketing system can also be integrated into your native CRM system. It will allow you to send emails to prospects based on their behavior and interaction with your brand on other platforms like your website, and social media pages. Such immersive personalization is not available through single-channel marketing.

How to use the full potential of cross-channel marketing?

● Use data sets

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all have data sets that are used to gather information about your subscribers. The email marketers can then integrate this data into their segmentation tactics for their email campaigns. This opens up avenues for sending highly targeted recommendation emails to your subscribers. Using automation in conjunction with segmentation, you can send personalized discount offers to your customers based on their interaction.

● Cross-channel mix

Cross-channel marketing is all about finding the right mix of channels. Use data sets to figure out which customer is interacting the most with which channel. Then, you can divide them into different segments based on that. This data can be used to create customized funnels for your customers from different social media platforms.

● Get more cross-channel audience

While email marketing is limited to customers that have specifically signed up to an email list, there is no such restriction for other social media platforms. You can advertise your brand to a wider demographic on Facebook and Instagram. The platforms do not limit you to advertising only to your followers. Such widespread reach creates more opportunities for you to collect information about your customers. You can even incentivize them by providing special discounts and offers.

● Test your campaigns thoroughly

With cross-channel marketing, more variables are introduced to the mix. You will need to run aggressive tests on various platforms to find out what works for you and your customers. Therefore, you will need to actively measure every little metric. You can also use Klaviyo email templates to quickly create and deploy emails to test their effectiveness. If you do this correctly, you will notice there is a significant improvement in the engagement rates of your emails.


Setting up a fully functional cross-channel marketing system might seem daunting. However, the rewards for creating this system are very high. By putting email marketing at the center you will be increasing its effectiveness while increasing the ROI on all the other marketing activities on different social media platforms.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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