How Award Automation Helps In A Deskless Workforce

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If we stop and think about the ways some organisations have changed almost totally beyond recognition, it would be the 21st century phenomenon of the ‘deskless’ workforce.  Today, thanks to our digital revolution, the deskless workforce is a sizeable chunk of the global working community.  ‘Deskless’, of course, means the absence of a restrictive, designated working space, and it’s widespread among multiple significant industries including health, manufacturing, health, construction and beyond.  The benefits of flexible or remote worker desks are obvious, but there are also significant challenges – and not just for the worker. And the thorny issue of wage theft is most certainly among them.

Wage theft, however, is not as straightforward as it may sound.  That’s because a worker not being paid what they’re legally entitled to is actually rarely a case of an organisation overtly looking to exploit those on the ground who make the profits happen.  In many cases, both the worker and the employer actually have no idea that any such wage theft has even taken place.  How could that be?  The answer lies in Australia’s ultra-complex spider web otherwise known as the modern system of Awards.

Within any singular workplace, multiple awards could be legally in force – each one then sub-divided into a new set of complex rules for individual workers and circumstances.  As such, it’s all too easy to miscalculate penalty rates, miss an overtime provision, underpay superannuation, or commit an unintended technical error with electronic payroll systems – on top of dozens of other possible errors or oversights.

This article, however, is not about the complexity of Australia’s modern award system, but what smart organisations can do about it – particularly in the equally complex and scattered deskless era.  Businesses as significant as Woolworths, Coles, Qantas and even MasterChef judge George Calombaris have fallen foul of the complexity – and many others will have remedied their less high-profile breaches with award interpretation software.

How Does It Help?

Training the Deskless Workforce With Mobile Employee Engagement Tool


It’s the buzzword of our advancing 21st century workplace, and in the context of award interpretation allows the payroll manager to sit back and let smart software:

* Calculate complex payments & award rates

* Integrate the results with equally complex payroll rules.


With those complex calculations now automated, the manager always stays in the loop with the ability to see a deep analysis relevant to day-to-day operations, including a breakdown of costs versus pay.

Peace of Mind

Did you know the potential penalties and costs of wage theft count in the hundreds of thousands, millions – and even jail time?  Even when breaches are unintended, it’s a huge burden on managers who already have a lot on their plate, but automated awarded interpretation software means even the most complex award conditions – like the 127 separate conditions under the retail award – are never missed.

As it clear, getting the right award interpretation system up-and-running is not just about slashing administrative time and avoiding hefty penalties – it’s also about staying calm and sane in our ever more dynamic, scattered and deskless modern industrial world.  Boost productivity, put your focus on higher pay-off tasks, improve your budgeting, and future-proof your organisation for the next tranche of workplace evolutions.  A little time and money on the right award interpretation software today will have huge benefits going forward, so get in touch with an expert today to match your needs with the perfect product.

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